Some dawgs

ABQ Born & Bred - Since 2012

We strive to put a new spin on an old favorite - the classic hotdog. Our award-winning mobile kitten, catering services and brick and mortar restaurant feature over 20 unique takes on hot dogs, sausages, fries, tacos, wings and everything in between! 

Our OG Westside brick & mortar location opened in the fall of 2012. In the years since, we have been proud to serve ABQ at two additional mainstay locations (Salt Yard - West, and Safehouse Distillery Co.), while our mobile kitchen roams around the city serving up hot, fresh, delicious dogs at local breweries, and catering weddings, parties and corporate and film studio events. 

Our dogs love to party, and so do we! (Don't forget about our award-winning fries!)

Matthew Bernabe

Owner - Matthew Bernabe, Wienerologist

ABQ Local, Matthew Bernabe, dropped out of college in the fall of 2012 to open UHDC, so he could make hot dog jokes all day. He did eventually go back to the University of New Mexico to finish that degree, and 7 years later he is making much more sophisticated hot dog jokes.

Fueled by a passion for good food, excellent service, and a love of New Mexico, Bernabe is proud to serve his community.

I love hearing about your experience at UHDC, good or bad. Don't be afraid to bark at me: